The importance of grouting technology and grouting equipment in mine leakage

"New technology of grouting and sealing water" is a successful construction technology for plugging water holes. Construction workers can find leaking holes in time, and can pre-grind and seal the aquifer. When constructing construction workers, the water content of the advection aquifer should be understood through drilling. For the cracks and caves with large water discharge, the idea of ​​treating the water should be adopted, and the pre-grouting should be carried out to effectively consolidate the water in the aquifer in the surrounding rock. Empty area. Set the range, set the gel time, set the amount of injection, set the pressure, and select the slurry with the dilution rate of less than 3% in the dynamic sealing water pressure to seal the strong aquifer.

At the same time, mine construction personnel can also use "post-grouting technology." Construction workers face the flooding of individual parts of large-scale mine shaft engineering, the surface of the components is flowing, and the flow time is long. When the water source is extremely rich, the construction personnel can use the BR--C series sealing water slurry to carry out post-grouting. . The purpose of grouting is to close the gap between the water-bearing fissures and the components and the roadway or the bedrock of the wellbore, and achieve the integrity of the closed project by filling the slurry with stone.

At the same time, it is also possible to adopt a grouting technology after breaking the wall. This is a technical solution for the leakage design with small pressure design and short diffusion radius distance, but the slurry is required to have good thixotropic irrigation, fine water-containing cracks and pores. The components and the bedrock gap can be densely filled. The strength of the stone body, the flexural strength must be 100% higher than 24h, impermeability S20, corrosion resistance, no sodium ion precipitation and so on. In particular, the cohesive force must have special effects to truly seal the area where the water is in danger.

It should be said that the permeable of the Wangjialing mine has been discovered by the construction personnel in a timely manner. Due to the lack of instructions from the construction management leaders and technicians, it is not known which technical solution is adopted, which eventually led to the 153 mine construction workers being trapped.

In fact, as early as 1990, the karst flooding accident occurred in the No. 1 well of the Donghuan Mine in Kailuan was not less than the flooding accident in the Wangjialing Mine. However, the construction of the No. 1 well in the Donghuan Mine of Kailuan was successfully adopted. , blocked the permeable cave.

Here, let us sit on the "Times of Reincarnation" and take a look at the situation of the flooding accident in the No. 1 well in the Huandong Mine.

Kailuan Donghuan Mine No. 1 well-370m construction transport main roadway, when excavation 120m, there is a cave in the lower part of Zuobang, 80cm high, water discharge 180m3/min, water discharge pressure 3.8MPa, water neutral, clear inflow. After observing the groundwater level at 800m outside the well and injecting potassium persimmonate into the pot for 3 minutes, the color of the underground drain water turns purple, which proves that the drain water is the fourth aquifer water source, because the construction personnel put the aquifer in the construction. Cut a cave and let it leak.

After the construction technicians discovered it, they took timely water blocking technical solutions. Under the condition of leakage water, the orifice tube was consolidated by BR solid pipe technology, and the grouting equipment was installed immediately. Three hours later, the grouting was performed with water glass cement slurry, and the water-cement ratio was 0.6:1. When 22 m3 of slurry was injected, the gushing water became cloudy. After testing, the water contained 18% of cement particles, and the amount of water did not decrease. In the underground pump pool, a layer of cement particles has been deposited and a pump has been destroyed. At two o'clock in the morning, the Bureau of Mines was responsible for the overall grouting of Ma Jingcheng experts and checked the quality of grouting. See the situation on the spot and then use BR--CA slurry to seal the grout. Three shifts of operation, completed the task of sealing the water, and created the first low-injection high-efficiency water-blocking record.

This successful case shows that the flooding accident is not terrible, and the most fearful is that people do not pay attention. In the construction of various underground projects, sudden pressure groundwater is very harmful to the project builders. In this kind of disaster management, most construction units use top water grouting to seal the aquifer process and control pressure. Drain the water. In the implementation of grouting, the orifice tube must be united in a large number of water discharge conditions, which is the primary link for successful grouting, and the operation in pressurized water is an important process with high technical requirements.

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