Pump characteristics, uses and working conditions

Pump features

Removed the mechanical seal pump, mechanical seal completely eliminate the pump inevitable run, run, drip, leakage of the shortcomings of the plant is the best choice for leaks.

As the pump flow components selected stainless steel, engineering plastics to manufacture, so as to achieve the purpose of corrosion resistance.

Pump magnetic coupling and pump body as a whole, so compact, easy maintenance, safety and energy saving.

Pump magnetic coupling can drive motor overload protection.

The purpose of the pump

Magnetic pump with its full seal, no leakage, corrosion-resistant features, widely used in petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, electroplating, environmental protection, water treatment, film and television printing, defense and other departments for pumping flammable, explosive, toxic and valuable liquid , Is to create a leak-free, non-polluting civilized workshops, civilized factories ideal pump.

Working conditions

Magnetic fluid pump medium density of not more than 1300kg / m3, the viscosity of not more than 30 × 10-6m3 / S of non-ferromagnetic and fiber-containing liquid. Conventional magnetic pump rated temperature for the pump body made of metal or F46 lining, the maximum operating temperature of 80 ℃, rated pressure of 1.6MPa; high temperature magnetic pump temperature ≤ 350 ℃; for the pump body is non-metallic, the maximum temperature is not Over 60 ℃, rated pressure of 0.6MPa.

For the transmission medium density greater than 1600kg / m3 of liquid, magnetic couplings need to be designed.

Magnetic pump bearings are transported by the lubrication medium cooling, drum magnetic pump is strictly prohibited no-load operation.

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