Test pump working principle and performance characteristics

Test pressure pump is mainly used as a variety of pressure vessels, equipment (such as chemical containers, pumps, valves and pipes, etc.) in the test pressure with a pressurized equipment. Therefore, its greatest feature is the discharge pressure is high, the general pressure test pump up to hundreds of atmospheres, pressure test pump up to tens of thousands of atmospheric pressure, and the flow is generally small, mostly less than lm3 / h. However, the small output flow does not increase the time required for the pressure test because the container pressure test is not completed after the pressure test pump is filled. Usually pressure test process is the need to fill the container filled with liquid, and then leave the connector connected to the test pump outlet. The use of liquid has the same principle of transmission of force, so that when the test pump outlet reaches a certain pressure value, the container is also subject to this pressure, so as to achieve the purpose of the test pressure.
Test pump working fluid is generally water, but also can be pure mineral oil. General pressure test pump are mainly manual and electric two.
Manual pressure test pump due to high discharge pressure, it is generally a single role plunger reciprocating pump. It is mainly composed of pump body, plunger, crank and drain valve.
The basic structure of the electric pressure test pump and manual pressure test pump roughly the same. The pump cylinder consists of four single-acting plungers. Transmission part is relying on the motor driven worm reducer, the worm wheel shaft plunger to promote reciprocating motion.

Rebar Diameter 10-32mm Vertical Rebar Bending Machine Steel Bar Bender center
The CNC Double-heard rebar bender center adopts digital control. Its features simple operation, convenient maintenance and high efficiency . It can realize automatic length measurement, automatic bending clamp, rapid prototyping and other functions. The control program of imported PLC and CNC stores hundreds of figures and is equipped with database. It applies advanced designing concept and adopts imported servo motor driving and controlling. Therefore, it realizes two-way digital control bending and accomplishes more than 20 angles figures. The producing efficiency is high. This equipment especially applies to highway bridge construction site and rebar concentrated processing factory.

Steel Bending Center

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