Machine tool industry comprehensive service needs to vary from person to person

Machine tool industry comprehensive service needs to vary from person to person Since the development of the machine tool industry, a single product has been unable to stabilize the market. The international machine tool giant not only enhances the product technology, but also pays attention to the comprehensive service of the product, and provides a professional process plan for the personalized service provided by the user's own process level and processing requirements.

In the current industrial production process, manufacturing companies will use the site's many technical problems and management issues to the machine tool manufacturers, the role of machine tool manufacturers as service providers will change. In terms of user services, foreign advanced machine tool companies not only provide equipment and maintenance, but also provide users with solutions and technical services, and can develop processes and equipment in tandem with the development of user products. In this field, China's machine tool suppliers are still at a low level, and the traditional service model that simply provides machine tools still occupies a large proportion. There is still a big gap between the level and capability of providing users with a complete set of high-efficiency processing solutions and advanced foreign standards.

This trend is more evident in the automotive industry. Hou Ruoming, head of the Planning Department of China FAW Group, stated that the best and most advanced automobile manufacturing processes and equipment in the world are all in China, but none of them are made in China. Domestic machine tools not only do not have the ability to provide complete line equipment, but also a single machine tool cannot provide corresponding process solutions. For example, Zhengtian Automobile Brake Co., Ltd., located in Wenling, Zhejiang Province, owns hundreds of DMG machines, and the processing technology of its components. All of them are provided by DMG and a few domestic CNC machine tools can only be used for rough machining of certain parts, showing a clear gap.

In addition to the automotive industry, in the manufacturing fields of aerospace, energy and power, domestic machine tools lacking process capability are also difficult to establish in the core manufacturing process. Domestic machine tool companies cannot provide process solutions for difficult-to-machine materials, and thus cannot meet the needs of enterprises. . Therefore, the domestic machine tool companies must strengthen their input in researching the changes in user process requirements, be proactive in familiarizing users with the manufacturing processes of various parts and components, and deeply understand the requirements of users for the purchase of machine tools, and develop targeted new technologies for users. The equipment will further enhance the market competitiveness of domestic machine tools by improving the ability to provide users with solutions.

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