Mobile Pressure Vessel Manufacturing Center Gradually Moves to China

With the development of the gas industry, the dangerous goods transport and equipment industry has rapidly emerged and the mobile pressure vessel manufacturing center has gradually shifted to China. At present, there are nearly 4,000 pressure vessel manufacturers in China. At the 13th China International Gas Technology, Equipment and Application Exhibition held last week, a large number of pressure vessels, such as auto tank cars and large-scale adiabatic cryogenic liquid storage tanks, attracted the attention of participants.

Traffic And Transportation DFC system

Subway gate Subway seat High-speed train door are common traffic transportation tools. Their grinding processing at present are manual, the force imposing on the Grinder is not consistent, most are based on technician experience or technique. Our Force Control System can flexible control the force imposing on the grinder, quick response to the surface changing, and instant adjusting the force on the grinder.

Subway gate DFC system, Subway seat DFC system, High-speed train door DFC system

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