Ms-F-Nh202 Material Clutch Facing

Model NO.: MS-F-NH202
Working Mode: Power Combining
Working State: Semi Linkage
Voltage: DC24V
Electromagnetic Clutch: Dry Single Plate Electromagnetic Clutch
Trademark: MW
Specification: ISO
Origin: China
HS Code: 848390000
We can supply MS-F-NH202 material clutch facing
1)Asbestos free
2)glass fiber, acrylic fiber
3)conjoint smoothness, good

Clutch Facing
1. (280*165*3.5)
2. (280*165*4)
3. (310*175*4.2)
4. (240*155*4.4)
5. (250*170*3.5)
6. (251*156*3.5)
7. (260*170*3.5)
8. (275*175*3.8)
10. (240*160*3.4)
11. (240*160*3.5)
12. (228*150*4)
13. (170*120*3)
14. (232.3*115.5*3.6)
15. (301.5*194*4)
16. (330*184*4)
17. (353*216*6)
18. (160*110*3)
19. (180*125*3.2)
20. (190*132*3)
21. (353*216*5)
22. (160*110*3) 12 holes
We produce friction rings for the automotive and motorcycle industry.
These rings are wet frictions that consist of high carbon, kevlar material.
Clutch facing which adopts refined arylic fiber, high-temperature resistance composite fiber materials,
High quality metals such as soft copper and so on,
Uses wear and lubrication materials, high grade heat resistance resin binder
This product has good-looking appearance, stable friction coefficient, low wear rate,
And high mechanical impact strength, anti-rotary violence resistance strength, especially under high temperature has good
Anti-wear properties and stability in use.

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