Three pilot laboratories in the field of refining

On August 19th, China's petroleum refining and scientific research platform made important progress. The first batch of three key laboratories built and put into use were officially listed and operated. The listing ceremony was held in the Petrochemical Research Institute. This will further enhance the independent research and development level of PetroChina in the refining and chemical industry.
The listed key heavy oil processing laboratories, catalytic cracking catalysts and preparation processes, polypropylene catalysts and process pilot bases are the first batch of key labs and pilot test bases that have been put into use in the field of petroleum refining in China, marking China Petroleum has made new breakthroughs in the construction of refining and chemical technology platforms, creating favorable conditions for providing high-level experimental and experimental research for major basic theoretical research, key technology research, technical integration and industrialization in the field of refining catalysts and polyolefins.


Model:XY-P80  XY-p120



The Steel-drawer pull out the whole bar, the sidewall because of the role of the pull mouth,promoting rubber tearing, smoothly separate wire and rubber.  



1.This equipment adopts double vane pump to supply oil, low working noise, at the same time to ensure the speed and pressure of the drawing cylinder when working, and improve the working efficiency and the service life of the valve.

2.The automatic lifting device is adopted to reduce the labor intensity of workers;

3.The inner guide rail positioning, make sensor reliability retractor positioning highly accuracy, drawing cylinder operation smoothly.

4.Using manual automatic exchange of work,flexible choice.

Automatic Feeding Machine

Model: XY-AL200 / XY-AL500 / XY-AL800 / XY-AL1200


Automatic feeding machine mainly through the use of 60 tons of hydraulic pressure as the driving force, can be used to push scrap plastic/ tires with hydraulic column extrusion into reactor, the whole operation process is stable, simple and convenient.


Fully automatic design, save time and manpower;

Highly improve the feeding capacity: manually feeding can only reach 150-170KGS/m³. By using the automatic feeding machine, it could reach to 240-280KGS/m³, which greatly improve the feeding capacity.

Automatic Feeding Machine 


The Tyre Cutting Machine 

Model:  XY-C800  XY-C1200



The tyre cutting machine is applied to cut all kinds of rubber blocks and strips,it is good for cutting rubber tyre,rail tyre, rubber strips etc.



1.This machine with large cutting knife,good shearing effect,fast cutting speed and low energy consumption;

2.Small size, easy to move;

3.Adopt hydraulic system, easy to operate and very safe design.

Tyre Cutter

The Whole Tyre Crusher

Model: XY-SH800  /  XY-SH1200



At the room temperature, put the tyre or large plastics of rubber into the press directly,which can be crushed into 1-8cm pieces.



1.Compact structure, advanced technology, low energy consumption, high efficiency;

2.The crushing chamber is an open structure,which is convenient for maintenance;

The knife is made of hard alloy steel, which has high hardness, high wear resistance and can be used repeatedly;

3.This machine adopts the hardened reducer, round screen for structural steel wire mesh, large blanking area,which is good for qualified rubber material screening.

Other Assistant Equipments

Tyre Steel Drawer,Automatic Feeder, Assistant Equipments

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