Application of pesticide residue detector

The use of pesticides in agricultural production will inevitably lead to pesticide residues in fruits and vegetables. However, in fact, pesticide residues do not equal pesticide levels. It is safe to use pesticide residues in agricultural products that are lower than the standard, and it is safe to eat. It is necessary to control fruits and vegetables. If the pesticide residue does not exceed the standard, pesticide residue detectors should be used to strengthen the detection of pesticide residues. Strict control should be exercised by expanding the scope of pesticide residue testing for agricultural products and raising the level of pesticide residue testing.

Pesticide residue detector

Pesticide residues are involved in the quality and safety of agricultural products and are the focus of widespread social attention. Therefore, the detection of pesticide residues has become increasingly important in modern production and life. The Pesticide Residue Detector can quickly detect organic phosphorus and urethane pesticide residues in vegetables, fruits, grains, tea, water and soil. It is a professional instrument for measuring pesticide residues in agricultural products. It is simple to use, easy to carry, and applicable. Strong and other characteristics, in the place of agricultural products, can use the instrument anytime, anywhere to carry out pesticide residue detection, so the pesticide residue detector application is very extensive, then the following agricultural instrument network to briefly introduce the detection of pesticide residues Instrument in which areas have important applications.

At present, pesticide residue detectors are widely used in agricultural inspection bases at various levels, industrial and commercial sectors, production bases, farmers' markets, supermarkets, cleanliness, environmental protection, and campuses. The application departments have product quality supervision and inspection, health and epidemic prevention, environmental protection, and business administration. The vegetable wholesale market, vegetable production base, supermarkets, shopping malls, pesticide residue monitoring systems and other departments, the relevant functional departments can use this instrument to strengthen the supervision and management of agricultural product quality and safety, prevent major safety accidents, and supermarkets, shopping malls, manufacturing enterprises And so on, the use of pesticide residue detector, you can strengthen the quality control of production and sales of agricultural products, improve product quality and safety, and win the trust of consumers. Vigorously promoting the application of pesticide residue detectors can play an important role in promoting the prosperity and stability of modern society.

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