Detailed introduction of domestic coal preparation technology

Selected from coal process is performed in air, it referred to the dry washing process. The coal preparation process is carried out in water, heavy liquid or suspension, which is called wet washing process.

The coal preparation process can also be divided into gravity coal preparation, floating coal preparation and special floating coal preparation. The density of coal is usually 1.2-1.8 g / cm3, and the density of waste rock is 1.8 g / cm 3 or more. It is separated by a coal washer using different densities of coal and waste.

The gravity coal preparation process can be divided into jigging coal preparation, heavy medium selection and shaker selection.

The floating coal preparation process is called flotation, and the coal preparation process of fine coal (less than 0.5 mm) is sorted based on the difference in wettability of the surface of coal and waste rock.

The special coal preparation process mainly uses coal and vermiculite different conductivity, ray penetration coefficient, friction coefficient, etc. to separate coal from vermiculite. It includes electrostatic selection, magnetic separation, friction selection, and radioisotope lamps.

In addition, there is also a hand selection, that is, manual picking of coal gangue. It is based on the difference between color, gloss and shape of coal and vermiculite. Among them, for the hard block with a large difference in hardness between coal and vermiculite, the crush sorter can be used for selective crushing to realize the separation of coal and vermiculite.

The most widely used coal preparation method is the jigging coal preparation process, followed by the heavy medium coal preparation process and the flotation coal preparation process. Other methods are used less frequently.

The main products are by-products such as coal, coal slurry, coal blending, and coal. Coal gangue and tailings are wastes, but it contains some combustibles such as coal and coal. It is also a raw material for brick and cement, which can be used comprehensively.

The coal preparation plant is a processing plant that produces quality coal of different products. According to the purpose of different coal washing plants and coal preparation plants, it can be divided into coking coal preparation plant and coal coal preparation plant. The coking coal preparation process is relatively complicated. The coal produced has low ash content and high quality. It mainly supplies coke to produce coke .

The preparation process of thermal coal is generally simple, and the coal produced is mainly used as a power fuel. Most coal preparation plants only choose coal and pulverized coal.

In the past ten years, with the maturity of various types of heavy medium cyclone technology independently developed by China and the introduction of Australian coal preparation technology, the heavy medium cyclone separation coal process is not only in operation, but also in Great progress has been made in management, and the technology has been improved day by day. It has been favored by the owners and has been widely adopted in China.

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