How to overcome the price and quality difficulties in the LED lighting market

In recent years, the Quality Supervision Bureau, the State Administration of Inspection and Quarantine, and the Industrial and Commercial Bureau have conducted quality inspections on led lighting products, energy-saving lamps, road lighting, fire emergency lamps and electric light sources throughout the country. It was found that the qualified rate of LED lighting products was only 51, and the inferior quality was worrying. On the material, there is even a phenomenon in which enterprises use halogen powder instead of tri-color toner, which makes the market that has not yet risen even more difficult.

Fan Ningning, president of Changyun Express, said that this phenomenon is there. Some companies use imitations and poor materials for low-cost dumping, which can reduce costs. However, this will definitely affect its own credibility, and it will also have an adverse impact on the LED lighting industry. This requires the maintenance of the entire LED industry, and the government must strengthen supervision.

As for the phenomenon that enterprises use halogen powder instead of tri-color toner, experts pointed out that the price difference between the two powders is 2 or 3 times. The halogen powder has poor light efficiency, poor color rendering, short life and obvious effect, which is harmful to the health of the industry. Development, some companies are eager for quick success, and it is better to die than to die. This shows that the competition in the LED industry is too fierce, and it is necessary to increase technology research and development, rather than going to the wrong door. This requires the constraints of the rules and regulations.

In addition to quality issues, the biggest obstacle to LED lighting is the price. Compared with traditional lighting, LED lighting products have a market share of only 5. Fan Ningning told reporters that the bottleneck is that the price is still high, and the development of LED in the mainland is relatively short. Only a few years, the rapid decline does not conform to the law of development. At present, the good company, the cost of a 5 watt bulb is 2 dollars, that is 15 yuan, but most of it is around 20 yuan. There is still a drop of 30 in domestic LED lights. In 2013-2014, it is no problem to achieve universal popularity.

LED lighting consists of a core part such as a light source and a driver. It is reported that Changyun Express is involved in everything from packaging to driving to lighting, with tens of thousands of shipments per month. Because led drive ic is independent research and development, the quality of the drive power is very stable, the process factors and photoelectric conversion efficiency are very high, therefore, the long-lit LED lamp has an advantage in price. At present, the 5 watt bulb of Changyun Express can be sold for about 18 yuan, which is much cheaper than other homes of 25-26 yuan. The international big brands sell for 6 dollars and sell for 10 dollars in supermarkets.

In Fan Ningning's view, the price reduction of bulbs within two years is inevitable, but it must be in accordance with the law of market development. The price cuts due to rising market demand and technological progress are more rational. The price reduction caused by vicious competition and the premise of sacrificing product quality. Price cuts are unhealthy. According to the reporter's understanding, in 2013-2014, driven by market demand and government policies, the price has fallen to the public's acceptance level just around the corner. At the same time, in this round of the reinstatement of the survival of the fittest, fake and inferior products will be cleaned up, low-cost and high-quality LED products will gradually go to the public.

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