The road to Chineseization of Philips Lighting

With the ringing of the Christmas bells, 2012 is also beginning to end, 2012 is a sensitive period of traditional lighting and LED lighting coexist.
Philips Lighting will help more users improve the lighting environment with high-quality green light, and push China to move toward lower carbonization. The key to Philips' success in the Chinese lighting market is its customer strategy and sales strategy.
Customer strategy:
Fully understand and understand the needs and aspirations of local consumers, transforming our advanced technology into meaningful and innovative solutions that truly meet the needs of local consumers.
Sales strategy:
Traditional lighting products have begun to cut prices, while new LEDs use experience to promote sales. This sales method is undoubtedly impressive. The sales strategy of Philips lighting products (including traditional lighting and LED lighting products) is still very successful and mature.
Its mature channels can be used well. For other companies, 2012 is a war between LED lighting products and traditional lighting. For Philips, this kind of war does not exist. For Philips, how to align the relationship between traditional lighting and LED lighting is the most critical.
GE is the leader in the US lighting market. It is difficult for Philips Lighting to enter the US market. In turn, GE is not easy to go to Europe. But for the Chinese market, the advantages of Philips' global leaders are more obvious, and Philips' emphasis on the Chinese market is inevitable. The establishment of Philips headquarters in Chengdu and investment in the construction of the plant is not only an important plan to transform China from a key market to another local market strategy, but also an important measure to enhance its competitiveness and market share in the Chinese market. In addition to the establishment of the factory, Philips has further strengthened the cooperation of dealers and LED new products with Shanghai's first lighting as the leader.

The machine is for punching regulation holes on the inner pipe of steel prop.  It uses PLC+ industrial-grade touch-screen mode, set machine electricity and gas control in one. The distance between holes can be adjusted.

Description of steel prop punching machine


Pipe quantity: punch 2 pipes once

Distance between holes: can be adjusted

Guarantee time: 1 year

MOQ: 1 set

OEM service: offered

Payment: T/T. L/C

Delivery: Tianjin port




Q: Can you customize the machine according to our workpiece requirement?

A:Yes, we can design the machine after you give us the technical drawing.

Q: How about payment terms?

A: 30% TT as deposit, 70% TT paid before shipment or against B/L copy.

Q: Installation and commissioning?

A: We will send our engineer for installation and commissioning

Q: Do you have some videos to show how the machine works?

A: Yes, we can provide some videos for reference.

Steel Prop Punching Machine

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