Valve companies reorganized to explore new models for development

Summary of contents: Western developed countries have spent hundreds of years exploring corporate restructuring, and we have only 30 years from the time of reform and opening up, and we still have a long way to go. From the perspective of corporate development, most entrepreneurs want to regroup and reorganize with multiple companies. However, the idea of ​​small business owners in Wenzhou “to be a chicken head rather than an phoenix tail” has caused many companies to face difficulties in financing, lack of factories, and lack of brands. The actual difficulties are still concerns and the self-interest after the reorganization of large companies.

In addition, the reorganization and cooperation of many companies is just “crossing the river by feeling the stones.” The two sides only reached a cooperation agreement on the basic framework. When the joint reorganization really works, new problems emerge, such as corporate culture, management models, and development concepts of the two parties. Can not be integrated and other issues.

At present, there are a few enterprises that cut off valve valves in Wenzhou, and many of them belong to small and medium-sized enterprises and even family workshop enterprises. A series of problems such as a serious lack of innovation capability, low product technology content, weak corporate brand awareness, and low operating standards have hampered the continued growth of the butterfly valve industry in the region, especially in the global financial crisis. "Small and scattered" valve companies are obviously at a disadvantage in their ability to resist risks.

Under the pressure of the current situation, through the demonstration role of Xuanda and other enterprises and the preferential policies of mergers and acquisitions, the valve companies in Oubei and Longwan have realized the importance of carrying out joint reorganization. This year, in addition to the Gangye and Kaixim valve valves, The group has been successfully established, and a group of companies such as heavy-duty valves are advancing the joint reorganization of enterprises. The new 1N model is continuously being continued and developed.

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

This product(concrete batching plant) is equipped with the storage, batching, conveying, stirring, control and other devices of various raw materials required for precast concrete, and various aggregates, powders, admixtures, water, etc. A complete set of equipment for supplying concrete in a concentrated manner than by a mixer.
Features of concrete batching plant
1.The overall steel structure of the mixing station is made of high-quality steel, which has high overall structural strength and strong stability.
2.The mixing machine adopts the twin-shaft forced mixing main machine, which has strong mixing performance, uniform mixing and high productivity.
3.Excellent pneumatic components, electrical components, etc.; to ensure the reliability of the equipment, accurate metering performance.
4.Each maintenance and repair site is provided with a walking platform or a check ladder, and has sufficient operation space. Easy maintenance and repair

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