Hefei imposes heavy penalties on illegal concrete mixers

The relevant person in charge of the Hefei City Urban-rural Construction Committee yesterday introduced that the commission’s recent regulations for the construction of the county, district, and development zones must ensure that the safety supervisors assigned to each concrete production company in the jurisdiction are on the spot and work on the safety of concrete mixer trucks under supervision. All-weather monitoring was conducted, and the serious violations and rectification of the mixer trucks at the resident enterprises were immediately reported to the construction administrative department of the jurisdiction.

In addition, for the enterprises that have recently committed concrete mixer truck violations and safety accidents, the municipal urban and rural construction commissions and the construction administrative departments of the counties, districts, and development zones will be given stricter and heavier punishments in accordance with relevant regulations. For the drivers who have recently committed irregularities such as red lights and speeding of concrete mixer trucks, the Municipal Urban and Rural Construction Committee will conduct a one-week centralized safety education. The education costs will be paid by the driver himself. In addition, in the near future, legal representative and manager in charge of each concrete enterprise must be on duty and must not be absent from duty.

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