Shanshui Huacheng Residential Construction Project

Project Name: Henan Yuhong Property Co., Ltd. Shanshui Huacheng Residential Construction Project Progress: Filing Construction Period: September 2011-September 2014 Major equipment: fire-fighting facilities, security facilities, water supply and drainage facilities, electrical facilities, ventilation facilities, Lighting facilities, cranes.
Project Introduction:
The project is located at the northeast corner of the intersection of Sigang Link Road and Zhengkang 6 Road of Zhengzhou Airport Port. It covers an area of ​​260 acres (approximately 173563.97 square meters), a green area of ​​58779.57 square meters, a greenbelt ratio of 33.8%, and a total construction area of ​​279671.86 square meters, among which the ground The building area is 244,261.11 square meters, residential buildings are 209,928.07 square meters, commercial buildings are 26,608.92 square meters, kindergartens are 4,844.80 square meters, property management houses are 839.71 square meters, other auxiliary facilities are 2039.61 square meters, and the basement or underground garage is 35,410.75 square meters.
Total project investment: 679.17 million yuan.

Construction Unit: Henan Yuhong Real Estate Co., Ltd. Postal address: 72 Caijingshan Road Postal Code: 450000
Phone, 62468399

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