30% subsidies for the purchase of initial processing drying facilities for agricultural products

In order to solve the initial processing conditions of China's agricultural production areas and reduce serious post-production losses, we will balance market supply, stabilize market prices, increase farmers' income, and improve the quality and safety of agricultural products. At present, the Ministry of Agriculture and the Ministry of Finance jointly issued the Notice on Doing a Good Job in the Initial Processing of Agricultural Products in 2014. Among them, the subsidy standard for drying facilities is 30%, which will greatly promote the application and expansion of heat pump drying, and will also promote the subsequent high-speed development of air-energy heat pumps.

According to experts in the air-conditioning and refrigeration market, the difference between the heat pump dehumidifying drying and the traditional hot air drying is that the air circulation mode is different, and the way of dehumidifying the air in the drying room is also different. When the heat pump dries, air is closed in the drying room and the heat pump dryer. It uses the heat pump dryer's refrigeration system to cool and dehumidify the wet air from the drying chamber. When the moist air flows through the heat pump evaporator, the internal low pressure refrigeration The heat absorbed by the agent from the air changes from a liquid state to a gaseous state, and the air discharges most of the condensed water due to cooling. The low-pressure refrigerant vapor from the evaporator is boosted by the compressor and sent to the condenser. When the dehumidified dry cold air flows through the condenser, the internal high-pressure refrigerant releases heat due to condensation, and the external air is heated to hot air and returned to the drying room to continue drying the product to be dried. The high-pressure refrigerant discharged from the condenser is depressurized by the expansion valve and flows into the evaporator for the next cycle.

Air-energy heat pumps are widely used at this stage: tobacco drying, drying of fruits and vegetables, drying of medicinal materials, drying of seafood, drying of wax products, and drying of betel nuts. Compared with traditional drying, air-dried products have higher quality, are more energy-efficient, and are more environmentally friendly. And the introduction of documents for the subsequent development of air energy will be a qualitative change.

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