Analysis of Air Compressor Software Automatic Control System

The function of the air compressor software is not complete. With the gradual improvement of the process system, the requirements for the automatic control system are getting higher and higher, and the dependence is getting stronger. The software platform of the existing automatic control system can not meet the needs of current production management. The data sharing part TPSDDE has great limitations. DDE is suitable for data collection and transmission of 300 points. However, the real-time collection of hilly oilfields has exceeded 2,300 points. It is estimated that the data collection in 2007 will reach more than 3,000 points. Existing hardware systems are far from being able to take on the collection and storage of such large amounts of data. Moreover, due to the closure of the software package, the existing system has a low degree of localization, complicated operation steps, low resolution of the graphics (currently 16 colors), and poor visual effects on the interface. On the other hand, the closure and limitations of the system also restrict the development of deep management functions.

Optimization and improvement measures According to the actual situation of the site, the two sets of Honeywell DCS system, off-site SCADA system and supporting system of the hilly oil production plant were optimized and improved without affecting the production. Upgrade and expand the RTU system outside the station. Upgrade the RTU motherboard to improve the signal processing speed of the RTU. In order to improve the RTU signal processing speed, it is the most effective way to upgrade the RTU motherboard. The upgrade from the 186 CPU-based motherboard to the 386 CPU-based motherboard improves the signal processing speed of the RTU. Replace old radio stations with unstable working performance. The radio station used by some of the counting stations in the hills is the old-fashioned first-generation MDS-9600U digital radio. The performance is unstable, and the service life is longer. It is sensitive to the ambient temperature and is prone to frequency drift. Communication often occurs. The interruption phenomenon, this time all replaced with a reliable third-generation MDS-2710A digital radio.

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