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SUM 928
High-speed Feed-off-the-arm Chainstitch Machine(three Needles)
Basic situation
Both needle thread tension and bobbin thread tension have been decreased after Reinvestigation  of  the  chainstitching mechanism. Furthermore, the stitch dial, gauges and looper have been dramatically improved, thereby forming beautifully finished seams and preventing puckering.Suitable for feeding the material steadily, the shape of the bed designed to handle it with ease, the push-button type stitch length dial bas been introduced to change the feed amount simply.

Whirlwind premium turbo continuous rim blades cut fast and smooth on a variety of granite. These high grade blades employ specially engineered diamond from our own plant to insure long life while cutting fast.Specially designed narrow turbo rim insures maximum speed with the minimum of chippage.Available in sizes 4" to 14" with a 10mm (.395" rim).


These premium grade segmented high rim blades are ideal for use on all bridge saws for cutting and trimming granite. They employ high grade diamond with 20mm(.800") rim height for outstanding life and aggressive cutting. Available in special silent core technology, these blades can withstand the stress and noise associated with indoor bridge saw cutting reducing noise levels by 50%. Can also be ordered with regular cores 14" to 40" sizes available. Larger sizes are for cutting thin stone veneer and larger diameter quarried stone.

Granite Saw Blade

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