·Industrial and commercial sampling 14 kinds of auto parts products, many auto parts city products are unqualified

The Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau announced the results of the sampling inspection of auto parts, and the products of many auto parts markets such as Beijing Guanzhuang Huihe Auto Parts Market and Caoqiao HSBC Auto Parts Market were found to be unqualified.
It is understood that the auto parts products of this sampling include 14 kinds of products such as automobile glass water and engine coolant, which mainly include unqualified items such as pH value, boiling point and freezing point. The sampling found that four products of automobile glass water, car antifreeze, engine coolant and glass cleaner sold by Guanzhuang Huihe auto parts market were unqualified.
In addition, the products produced by the joint venture Hongxing Company, Beijing Yujie Company, Beijing Cheshuang Chemical Products Co., Ltd., Beijing Chezhixing Auto Accessories, Beijing Zhongxin Chemical Products Co., Ltd. were found to be unqualified, but These five companies simply cannot find registration information and may not be registered.
The Municipal Industry and Commerce Bureau stated that it will deal with the distribution units that sell unqualified products in this sampling.

For retracting anchor and chain machinery on board. Using human, steam engine, electric motor and hydraulic motor as power. Usually installed on the first floor of the ship. The trend of its development is to achieve operation, anchor mooring, mooring and automatic mooring for a unit. According to the driving form can be divided into: manual, electric, hydraulic.

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Anchor Windlass

Anchor windlass requirements

The windlass is the anchor and the anchor of the machinery, also used as mooring. There are some requirements for the anchor machine in our country:

1), the anchor should be independent of the original drive

2), the anchor rating should be not less than 41.68d2N (4.25d2kgf), when the d<25mm rating should not be less than 36.8d2N (3.75d2dgf), D for the chain diameter, the unit is mm. The average speed should be no less than 9m/min when the rated tension is used.

3) anchor machine under rated tension and speed should be continuous 30min, and should be continuous work in not less than 1.5 times of the rated tension overload tension under 2min; in addition to anchor machine should be equipped with overload protection device, overload can be transferred to the medium speed operation.

4), anchor chain sprocket on the brake should be reliable, 45 per cent of the brake chain fracture load pull (when freedom anchor at speeds of up to 5~7.5m/s can still stopped on the outskirts of falling chain); between the anchor machine chain wheel and axle load should be a clutch, brake and clutch manipulation is convenient and reliable; anchor machine operation should be along the reverse rotation and smoothly and rapidly.

5) anchor machine installation shall ensure the cable leads three eyes (hawsepipe, chain, sprocket and line).

There are two kinds of horizontal and vertical anchor machine, the general use of the ship on the horizontal anchor. And vertical anchor machine also called anchor capstan (for) and part of its power in below deck, to save the deck area and warships on the vertical anchor machine. Recent large ships, because the anchor machine size is too large, the bow deck to accommodate and operation of adverse, therefore, using vertical anchor machine.

Classification of anchor machine

Type of anchor machine

Anchor machine is mainly by the base, a bracket, a chain wheel, brakes, sprocket, gear box, control system (manual windlasses except and other components, electric windlass motor and hydraulic windlass with hydraulic pump station.

The main specifications of the windlass include diameter of anchor chain, anchor nominal speed, rated load, support load, speed, power system etc..

Windlass in ship installation to ensure the chain and sprocket wrap angle is 117 - 120 degrees.

The type of anchor windlass can be divided into 12-- Phi Phi 120mm several kinds of specifications in accordance with the diameter of anchor chain.

According to the driving mechanism of energy points --- manual windlass, anchor steam machine, electric anchor machine (DC electric windlass, AC electric anchor machine) and hydraulic windlass (high pressure type anchor hydraulic machine, pressure type anchor hydraulic machine, pressure type anchor hydraulic machine.

- horizontal anchor machine, vertical anchor chain wheel machine according to the center line direction (winch)

According to the arrangement of the general (integral) type anchor machine, one side (independent) type anchor machine, the combined type of anchor machine

2, the characteristics of various types of anchor

A. manual anchor machine

The weight does not exceed 250kg of the anchor, according to the working conditions, if it can be suitable for use, you can configure the manual anchor. Manual anchor machine is only used in inland river small ship, it should prevent the handle from injuring people.

B. steam anchor machine

Steam windlass has been widely applied in the steam ship, currently used for large tankers. The firm structure, reliable work, no dangers caused by fire, but the steam engine efficiency low, huge structure, laying on the deck for a long pipeline heat loss, deck steam engine cylinder pressure is generally not more than 0.8MPa, operation management problems, in Yan Hanji day when the weather is cold, before use to fully warm engine, to discharge the residual water.

C. electric anchor machine

Electric anchor machine is currently the most widely used in the ship.

According to the power system of the ship, the electric anchor machine has DC motor and AC. DC motor speed control characteristics, high efficiency, but the high cost of the initial set, the brush should be regularly maintained.

AC motor speed adjustment performance is poor, usually only have a variable speed, depending on the pole or by the motor and the anchor of a set of speed reducer to get a number of speed grades. This set of gear reducer, due to the need of a large reduction ratio, and consider the transmission and the reliability of the work of the anchor and other issues, the structure is more complex, the weight and size of the area occupied by the larger deck.

Reducer transmission device often used spherical worm and worm gear transmission, spur gear transmission, planetary gear transmission and other transmission mode. Generally speaking, the planetary gear reduction gear transmission mechanism of light weight, small size, high transmission efficiency, maintenance is simple, so the current application more.

D. hydraulic anchor machine

Hydraulic anchor machine is mainly rely on hydraulic device to carry out and control the action of the anchor. Hydraulic anchor machine because of its hydraulic energy from the motor driven oil pump device, also known as electric hydraulic anchor. It has the following characteristics:

(1) with a good speed control performance of the DC motor.

(2) usually uses the low speed high torque hydraulic motor, low speed, large output torque, no longer need to set up a huge mechanical reducer, can directly drive a chain wheel.

(3) hydraulic drive with self made dynamic performance, work safety and reliability.

(4) compact structure, small weight and size of unit power. .

(5) easy to operate, maintenance is simple.

(6) easy to realize remote control and automation

Anchor Windlass

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