Listen to sound to determine the failure of agricultural vehicles

1. The bee “squeaks” a call: When a fixed part of the bottom of a component or engine is loose, it often sounds like a bee.

2. The buzzing sound of "squeaky" is usually caused by the rupture of the exhaust pipe or muffler, which causes the engine's explosion burning sound to be unable to eliminate. Hearing the loud noise of "squeaky", check the exhaust pipe and muffler.

3. There are three reasons: the drive shaft's gimbal joint is damaged; the fan blade bends loose; when running on a mountain road, there are small stones that hit the tire between the tires.

4. “Squeaky” sharp sound: It is the sound of the belt and the belt pulley rubbing due to the belt being worn or the gap being improperly adjusted. Approach: Adjust the gap or replace the belt.

5. "Whoom" sound: Loose or worn fan belt; sometimes insufficient tire air.

6. Dreary "knocking" sound: The internal reason of the engine may be caused by the aging of the diesel engine, bearing or engine valve damage.

7. "Light tap" and mix with "burst": Use of inferior diesel.

8 "Double" dull sound: The air gap of the foot is too big or too small. Solution: According to the data in the manual, adjust the gap between the door and the door. The gap is usually between 0.012 and 0.022 mm.

9. "Cricket" percussion sound: The crash sound caused by the crankshaft journal and bearing gap is too large, should check and adjust the gap; may be due to long-term severe wear of the engine mount.

10. "Scream": The harsh "scream" is usually a problem with the brakes.

11 "Hush" noise: There are many reasons. Commonly there are motor, air-conditioner compressors or water pump bearings damaged; the vehicle runs in the absence of water or oil, resulting in a large crankshaft, journal and pin Different sound. Hearing this sound should be overhauled immediately.

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