What must be replaced after the used car is purchased?

Dear riders, do not think that buying a used car and driving it home will be all right. Because it is difficult to know what the maintenance habits of the new or acquired second-hand car are or how to maintain it, after the new car is used, the car must be replaced to ensure the car's performance and durability. It is also to ensure the normal driving of the car, then what needs to be checked and replaced?

1, change the oil


Car oil plays a role of cooling and lubricating engine components, so the replacement of oil is particularly important.

When choosing the type of oil, riders can use their own driving habits. If you often travel on the highway, stop and stop, use the general engine oil. If you often drive in the city, see the traffic light to stop, the traffic jam is not discussed, at the same time each trip is mostly in dozens or even dozens of kilometers, such a driving situation for the engine wear is relatively large, so we must choose More advanced oils, preferably fully synthetic oils, not only effectively protect the car engine, but also reduce the number of oil changes.

It should be noted that when replacing the oil, it is also necessary to replace the oil septum to ensure that the oil path is smooth and free of impurities.

Brake Fluid

Brake fluid is the medium for ensuring the normal operation of the brake system. If the fuel is insufficient or the use time is too long, the brake system will affect the effectiveness of the brake system, which will bring hidden dangers to our safety.

gearbox oil

The average owner will not replace the transmission oil in a short period of time, especially the car he intends to sell, so the used oil should be replaced as soon as possible.

In addition, it is necessary to replace the transmission oil, oyster oil (hydraulic steering oil), tank cooling water, glass water and so on. The transmission oil is the most easily overlooked item. It is recommended that the owner of the vehicle should switch gearbox oils that meet the specification of the vehicle manufacturer immediately after opening the used car. This point is even more important for used cars that are five or more years old.

2, change the spark plug

Usually the spark plug needs to be replaced once more than 30,000 kilometers in the car. If you do not know how long the spark plug you just bought has not changed, you can remove the spark plug and check it to see if it needs to be replaced.

3, change the engine timing belt and water pump

For a used car with a vehicle age of 5 years or more or a vehicle mileage of 70,000 kilometers or more, the safest way is to change the car to a new engine timing belt (also called Cam band), otherwise the rupture will cause a flap. Move the program up and down in a big mess and collide with the cylinder piston so that all parts on the top of the engine disk will be damaged. While changing the Cam band, the pump and belt can be replaced together.

4, change the battery

After buying a used car, riders should pay attention to the date of the battery and the state of the battery display. When the engine is started, if it is found that the sound is weak or the light is dim, it is a sign that the battery is about to run out. It should be replaced as soon as possible. In fact, if a battery is used or placed for a long time, it will become insusceptible, so it is very necessary to replace it.

5, change the air filter

The used car air filter is generally not replaced for a long time, in order to extend the life of the car must be replaced.

6, change the smell (car disinfection)

The deodorization and disinfection of newly purchased used cars cannot be ignored. In addition to common vacuum cleaners and steam cleaners, car owners can also use their own DIY to remove odors. The method is very simple: mix the water and vinegar and mix well. If the smell of tobacco and alcohol in the car is very strong, it is recommended to use a slightly more vinegar ratio. Then wipe the inside of the car with a towel, including seats, body panels, glass, etc. After the completion of the need to close the door, shake the window, let the car closed for a period of time, etc. After opening the door again, the smell of tobacco and alcohol will be much less.

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