Fast (Shuangte) is about to open AT test drive high-end experience activities

According to the latest news of this site, Xi'an Shuangte Intelligent Transmission Co., Ltd. is to fully demonstrate its superior performance of the Fast Automatic Transmission of the Fast (Shuangte) AT , which will be held in Xi’an from December 8th to December 9th, 2014. The "Innovation Drives, Leads the Future" is the theme of " Fast (Shuangte) AT test drive high-end experience activities ."

Xi'an Shuangte Intelligent Transmission Co., Ltd. is the largest heavy-duty transmission manufacturer in China, Shaanxi Fast and Caterpillar in the United States. It is the only domestic heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission R&D and manufacturing enterprise. Its subsidiary, Fast (Shuang'e) AT automatic hydraulic transmission is the introduction of Caterpillar advanced CX series of heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmission (AT) technology, on the basis of the original breakthrough, reform and innovation, and finally achieved The major breakthrough in the domestic heavy-duty hydraulic transmission field has improved the competitiveness of China's gearbox production in the international market.

It is understood that the current pre-investment of Xi'an Shuangte Intelligent Drive Co., Ltd. has exceeded 500 million yuan, and the construction of infrastructure projects and supporting facilities has been completed. There are 227 machining, heat treatment and assembly equipments installed in the 13 planned production lines. Most of the equipment has been put into production and operation, forming a batch production capacity, a small number of equipment is being quickly installed and commissioned. After the equipment is fully put into production, it will form an annual production capacity of 120,000 heavy-duty hydraulic automatic transmissions and 1.5 million pieces of export products. The annual sales revenue will exceed 10 billion yuan.

In addition, in order to further expand the market space for hydraulic automatic transmissions, Shuangte Company has constantly accelerated the pace of product optimization and localization according to the individual needs of the market. Up to now, the visits and technical exchanges of 169 commercial vehicle manufacturers, 655 modified vehicles and special vehicle manufacturers, and 156 end-users have been completed and precious first-hand information has been obtained, in order to further develop the globalization of hydraulic automatic transmissions. The professional, diversified market has laid a solid foundation. At present, Shuangte series hydraulic automatic transmission products have been extended from the initial three prototype products to a complete industrial chain of three series platforms, six basic models, more than twenty configuration types, and nearly one hundred technical forms. The needs of different markets such as domestic passenger cars, trucks, construction machinery and off-road vehicles.

Focusing on innovation, driving the world advanced level, pursuing excellence to lead the future development of the industry as the main line, and continuously accelerating the pace of localization, mass production, and marketization of AT hydraulic automatic transmissions, Xi'an Shuangte Intelligent Drive Co., Ltd. is engaged in technological innovation, product research and development, Quality improvement, market expansion and other aspects will continue to create new achievements.

     Different from Ultrasonic Heat Counters,The Smart Heat Meters are used for heat and cold energy calculation through the water. The smart Heat Meters can display the accumulated heat, flow rate, instant flow rate, inlet water temperature, outlet water temperature, temperature difference and etc.

     The smart heat meter is suitable for measuring the heat exchange, known as the heat transfer fluid or liquid absorbing thermal energy conversion equipment, which consists of a flow sensor, temperature sensor and heat calculator(Heat Meter Counters) three parts. The smart heat meters are also known as smart energy meters.

     The smart heat meter is used to measure and display the water flow through the heat exchange system release or absorb heat. The smart heat meters are installed at the inlet pipe or outlet pipe to measure accurate metering and intelligent control of charges of the heat consumption. Its working principle is to install the smart heat meters in the heat exchange system, when water flows through the system, according to the supply and return water flow temperature, from the data from the flow sensors and temperature sensor as well as the water flow time, the smart heat meter will calculate the released and absorbed energy through the calculator.

Smart Heat Meters

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