How the stroboscope works

How the stroboscope works A stroboscope is a type of optical measuring instrument that controls wide-source emission and flashes aluminum with a specific frequency. This stroboscope can easily observe the surface and surface quality of the object under test. When the user uses the stroboscope, he needs to understand the stroboscope's knowledge, and the most important one is the principle. Today, Xiao Bian has introduced the stroboscope's working principle for everyone.

Stroboscope works <br> <br> structure and working principle is based on the frequency setting strobe flicker frequency or frequency according to external triggers to control the flash, as a complete display system includes a human interface, and regulation Function selection button, flash control module, flash power supply module and external trigger automatic tracking module.

In the system design, LED digital tube is used as human-machine display interface. The LED display has features such as high brightness, long life, and easy control. As long as the reliability of the drive circuit is ensured, the long-term stability of the human-machine interface can be guaranteed. For parameter setting or function selection, high-reliability Omron touch buttons and rotary encoders with fast adjustment functions are used as data input elements, and reasonable software is used to increase the speed and convenience of parameter setting. As a more convenient product, it must have the function of parameter saving. Non-volatile memory, storage frequency, working mode and other parameters are used here.

In order to achieve the effects of convenient use, stable performance and precise control, the design of the entire software system is very important. In addition, there is a core and difficult technology in the strobe light control system, which is to ensure that the power supply voltage of the flash is stable. Only by ensuring the stability of the voltage can the brightness of the lamp flicker be consistent, so that the flash will not leak under high frequency conditions.

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