Ankang iron ore optional test report

Report Title: A iron ore mine optional test report Ankang <br> reporting format: word
Completion time: 2007 1
Publisher: Guo Changqing guidance of experts: Zhang Gong Meiling strong project leader: Zhang World Bank report <br>
number of pages: Foreword beginning of 11

Introduction to the report:

In January 2007, XXX Company entrusted Xi'an Tianzhou Mining Technology Development Co., Ltd. to conduct an ore optional test study on a metro mine in Ankang. The purpose is to provide reasonable rationality for the iron ore mine through mineral processing test research. The economic beneficiation process provides the basis for resource development and utilization.
Ankang iron ore is loose and easy to grind, with an all-iron grade of 21.32% and magnetic iron of 18.38%. The iron ore is a magnetite ore, magnetite is a strong magnetic mineral, and ferromagnetic iron minerals are generally magnetically weakly magnetically selected. High iron ore grade can be obtained, and magnetic field selection of ferromagnetic iron minerals is also the most economical process.

The test uses a weak magnetic field, the iron ore grade of up to 68.29%, 63.63% recovery of iron, iron ore containing 1.04% titanium dioxide. The iron is re-elected, the iron concentrate grade is 56.37%, the iron concentrate contains 1.44% titanium dioxide, and the iron recovery rate is 68.02%. It is recommended to use the weak magnetic field magnetic separation process through comparison of magnetic separation and re-election.


1. Ankang subway mine tail is in acid iron ore, 21.32% of total iron and 18.38% of magnetic iron.
2. Magnetic field selection by weak magnetic field can obtain iron ore with 68.29% iron, 1.04% titanium dioxide and iron recovery rate of 63.63%. By re-election of iron, the iron concentrate contains 56.37% titanium, 8.49% titanium dioxide, iron recovery rate of 68.02%, and titanium recovery rate of 45.05%.
3. Due to time and financial problems, the recovery of titanium dioxide is only used as a probe test.

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