Mainland's first "auto aftermarket" company listed in Hong Kong during the year

With the year-on-year heating up of mainland auto consumption, the “automotive market”, which consists of a series of derivative businesses such as tires, auto parts, car maintenance, second-hand transactions, and owner services, has also grown. The reporter learned today from the Mainland's first auto aftermarket industrial park incubation platform and the professional operating agency “Yi’an Group” annual meeting that the company’s listing in Hong Kong is progressing steadily and has completed its first round of roadshow. The Hong Kong motherboard market will be available during the year.

In an exclusive interview with reporters in Shanghai, Group officials said that Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions are areas where China’s auto aftermarket has developed earlier. The Group also took this opportunity to list on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to deploy the Hong Kong auto aftermarket and to force Macau and Taiwan. The Hong Kong branch of the group is already under construction.

Market demand grows year by year

This year's Chun Yi An Annual Meeting is also an industry high-end seminar. Experts have started to discuss topics such as the development and prospects of the tire market, the future and development of shared cars, and the idea of ​​changing the ownership of cars. Explore.

According to authoritative forecasts, the demand for the mainland automobile aftermarket will increase from 1 trillion yuan in 2017 to 1.7 trillion yuan in 2020. The demand for the global automotive aftermarket industry will also increase from 1 trillion US dollars in 2017 to 1.5 trillion US dollars in 2020. At the same time, smart economy, cloud computing, big data, internet of things, and sharing economy are still changing the pattern of the auto aftermarket. To this end, the industry must carry out top-level design, innovative operating modes, and lay stress on free-to-air sharing of automobiles, post-market intelligent manufacturing, cloud computing, big data, and industrial cluster economy.

Create an industrial innovation complex

According to Lu Yubin, chairman of Yi’an Group, one of the Group’s current important tasks is to create an “automotive aftermarket industrial park” in the Mainland. The industrial park will house famous car plazas, automotive supplies markets, auto parts markets, automotive 4S stores, and used cars. Trading market, one-stop vehicle inspection service center, automobile culture, auto finance, automobile display, tire service, business office, business hotel, etc., gradually form the Internet + electricity business group, and realize the online and offline automotive market Service Expo Park.

At the same time, they also took the lead in establishing a portfolio of 3 billion automobile aftermarket industry funds, and through fund raising, government funding (organizing banks, state-owned investment platforms, and policy funds), establishing a post-market automotive industry fund managed by a fund management company. + Sub-fund system to promote the growth of the automotive aftermarket.

Looking forward to in-depth cooperation with the Hong Kong and Macau market

Listing on the Main Board of Hong Kong has always been the goal pursued by Haoyi Group and has been included in the strategic plan since the development of the Group.

Lu Yubin introduced that the Yanyi Group has established a strategic partnership with China Gold International, and under the guidance of CICC International, they have jointly cooperated to promote the listing of the Group on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. At present, the Group is advancing in accordance with the CICC International Counselling Program and is expected to formally issue new shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange this year.

In order to ensure the smooth progress of the listing plan, relevant persons from the Yan Yi'an Group had organized a delegation to the Hong Kong Stock Exchange to conduct investigations, investigations and demonstrations, and had a preliminary understanding of the Hong Kong and Macao markets. Lu Yubin said that Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions are areas where the development of China's auto aftermarket is relatively early, and have their own characteristics relative to the mainland. For example, in Hong Kong, auto consumption tends to be high-end and Japanese products, and the sales volume is steadily rising.

Lu Yubin pointed out in particular that the current game between enterprises is not a zero-sum game but a win-win cooperation. Therefore, we sincerely hope to strengthen cooperation with Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan counterparts and join hands to enlarge and strengthen the car aftermarket cake for the international community. We will make joint efforts to launch national brands in the automotive market.

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