Sterilization equipment maintenance

The sterilization equipment is suitable for the instant sterilization of liquid materials such as fresh milk, fruit juices, beverages, stick ice, and ice cream slurry, soy sauce, soymilk, condensed milk, liquor, etc. It can also be used for sterilization of fluid materials. The feed and discharge of this equipment adopt three-way cocks, and the flow can be adjusted according to need, and the use is reliable.

UV sterilizer maintenance and maintenance (1) regular inspections to ensure the normal operation of the UV lamp.

(2) Ultraviolet lamps should be replaced after continuous use for 9000 hours or one year to ensure high sterilization rate. Please pay special attention to the fact that ultraviolet light should be continuously on. Repeated opening and closing will seriously affect the lamp life.

(3) When replacing the UV lamp, unplug the lamp power socket and take out the UV lamp. When replacing a new lamp, be careful not to touch the quartz glass of the new lamp with your fingers, as the stain will affect the sterilizing light and carefully place the lamp in the stainless steel sterilizer (4) if the water has hardness (calcium or magnesium) Material, iron or manganese, then the quartz tube needs regular cleaning. After the quartz tube is cleaned, special plastic gloves should be worn to carefully place the quartz tube into the reactor. Check the presence or absence of water leakage after installing the sealing ring. Plug in the power supply to ensure that the detection lamp emits light steadily.

Note: Ultraviolet rays have a strong lethal effect on bacteria, and it also has certain damage to the human body. The most vulnerable part of the human body is the cornea of ​​the eyes. Therefore, at any time, it is not possible to look directly at the lit lamp to prevent injury. In case you have to look, use ordinary glasses (wearing glasses) or transparent plastic sheets as protective masks. Do not misuse quartz glass because ordinary glass is almost completely impermeable to ultraviolet light. Once injured, do not panic, face burns, skin peel off after a few days, died. Injuries to the eyes can be red, swollen and tingling. It takes about three or four days to recover. In any case, it is advisable to seek medical advice immediately upon encountering an injury.

Universal Android Car Dvd

Universal Android Car Dvd

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3.Find your way around has never been faster and easier.Support easy-connected feature: Compatible with android smartphones and devices, the easy-connected feature enables mutual control between your smartphone and car head uni. You can simply connect and synchronize your smartphone to the uni via USB, with no additional software required.Personalized dynamic background: 7dynamic backgrouds available. Customer can also use their pictures as background.Universal car dvd can Compatible with steering wheel controls: skip to the next song, adjust the volume or switch another channel, all without having to take your hands off the steering whell, making your journey safe and more enjoyable.Universal car dvd also Compatible with dashcams: Record your journeys anytime and anywhere. Driving is more reliable and safe.

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