·Hefei: Individuals who buy pure electric vehicles can enjoy 10,000 yuan charge subsidy

On August 16th, it was learned from Hefei that Hefei City is aiming to build a national-level new energy automobile industry base, promote the application of new energy vehicles, and issue some opinions to support the development of new energy vehicles.
Among them, the individual purchase of pure electric passenger vehicles is fully supported: 10,000 yuan/unit is arranged in the local subsidy fund with the central government 1:1, which is used for charging cost subsidy and private charging facility installation; the first motor vehicle traffic accident liability Compulsory insurance fees are granted full financial assistance; license fees are waived; temporary parking for urban roads is granted.
A one-time purchase of a legal entity with more than 10 pure electric passenger vehicles by itself or an organization employee can enjoy a financial subsidy of 2,000 yuan per vehicle, but it must be used for the construction and management of the unit charging facility.

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