Principle of layout of road transport lanes

(1) Meet transportation requirements. The main purpose of the stage transportation lane is to transport the ore in this stage or in the upper stage. Therefore, it is necessary to determine the reasonable transportation system, the number of roadways and the location of the roadway based on the output size and the distribution of the ore.
(2) Security. Stage transport lanes should be placed in a safe location and will not be damaged by rock movement or other effects of the mining process during their entire service period. For example, when applying the caving mining method, the stage transportation roadway should be placed in the surrounding rock of the lower plate and placed outside the rock movement range after the next stage of mining, as shown in Fig. 1. When the ore body inclination angle α is greater than the lower plate rock movement angle γ, if the lower stage transportation lane of the upper stage is to be retained until the next stage is taken, the minimum distance L min between the roadway and the ore body boundary is:

L min =H(





Tg γ

Tg α

Where H is the height of the stage;
Γ——lower rock movement angle;
α - the inclination of the ore body.
After calculating L min , we must consider other factors to determine the location of the transportation lane. When α = γ, the above formula is not applicable. At this time, the rock movement in the next stage does not affect the position of the roadway in the previous stage.

Figure 1 Determine the minimum distance between the roadway and the ore body according to the rock movement angle
In our observation report Shiju child copper mine rock movement conducted suggested that the veins are arranged in the roadway from the orebody footwall 5 ~ 6m most of the production at the end of stage (a recovery phase 2 to 3 years), have been Destroyed to varying degrees, some of the roadways were destroyed before the end of production, and the tunnels had to be dug. As the mine is in deep mining, the degree of damage of the roadway is severe with the increase of the depth of mining. Some roadways are cut into the falling range of the lower stop and are cut. . These materials can be used as a reference for determining the location of the roadway during the phase.
(3) The cost of excavation and maintenance is small. The location of the roadway should avoid various unstable rock layers and geological structural belts, and be arranged in rock formations that are easy to dig and support. In order to reduce the total amount of excavation work and cost, the stage transportation roadway should be close to the ore body, and then it should not be placed in the pressure increase belt near the stope, otherwise the cost of roadway maintenance will be increased.
(4) Multi-purpose in one lane. When transporting the roadway in the layout stage, it is necessary to take into account the requirements of various aspects such as prospecting, ventilation, drainage and filling, so as to make multi-purpose lanes more effective.

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