Tanker user manual and installation method

User operation

1. To ensure the tank truck is clean, the tank and oil system should be cleaned periodically. The inner and outer joints at both ends of the oil hose should be coated with lubricating oil. The tank truck can be easily disassembled and installed. After each time the tubing is completed, clean it in time to ensure that it is clean inside!

2. The use and maintenance of the tanker oil pump is strictly performed according to its use and maintenance instructions!

3, before refueling operations, must use the plug to insert moisture into the wet land, the tanker grounding tape should be grounded, the operation process should always maintain good static conduction!

4. Tanker safety valves and filter nets should always be checked and cleaned!

5, tanks and piping systems should be cleaned regularly. The tanker regularly checks whether the joints of the pipeline system are well connected and the seal is reliable!

6: The tanker should be installed in accordance with the provisions of the electrostatic belt, when the static electricity encountered in the car concentration of highly flammable gas, an explosion occurred, the electrostatic belt for the car body and other friction is frequent, easy to produce static electricity space can effectively go out Electrostatic hazards to ensure that the body is not compromised.

installation method:

Installed in the chassis metal parts! After a period of wear, the rubber band on the top can be put down!

Conditional users can install electrostatic tanker grounding alarm

Under the high-voltage wires, it is forbidden to add fuel to the tanker.

Never use the hanging fire method. Sometimes the spark plug of a car will have carbon deposition. When a certain cylinder's carbon deposition is serious, the cylinder will not work properly. In order to make the cylinder work normally, the method of “hanging fire” outside the cylinder is adopted (leaving the spark plug and the high voltage wire 3 Mm - 4 mm gap) to improve the energy of the spark plug electrode flashover, so that the cylinder back to work, but the general "hanging fire" method is not easy to fall off with little attention. If there is dripping gasoline on the cylinder, it is extremely easy to have a fire. Therefore it is only a temporary remedy. The correct treatment should be timely cleaning and maintenance of spark plugs, try to avoid the use of "hanging fire" method. Preparation of tanker before use

1. Insert the conductive rod into the ground to make it "grounded". If the ground is dry, it can be watered to make it wet, ensuring good grounding. Check the ground chain to make contact with the ground.

2. Open the tanker control box door and check the valve handles to make them closed (vertical position).

3. When using the oil pump for the first time, there is no oil in the pump and it is necessary to add oil in advance. 10 liters of oil can be added through the oil inlet.

4. Check the lubricant oil level in the gearbox to the lower edge of the grease plug hole. If insufficient, add gear oil.

5, check the gearbox lever, so that it is in a neutral position, check the position of the power lever control handle, so that it is horizontal to the right position, check the throttle controller to make it the smallest.

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